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Compulsory health insurance


Necessary if not insured by the employer.

Annual deductible
Aumentando la franchigia può risparmiare fino al 50 % sui premi all'anno.Increasing the deductible you can save up to 50% on the annual premium. Annual retention fee: 10% (max. Fr. 350.- for children and Fr. 700.- for adults. Annual retention fee on pharmaceuticals when generic is available: 20% In the event of hospitalisation, from age 26, Fr. 15,- per night.

Choice of the doctor
Take advantage from the family doctor insurance Hausarzt and from the health insurance PharMed saving up to 25% on the compulsory health insurance.
Basis: The standard model of the compulsory health insurance grants the free choice of the family doctor.
PharMed: Family doctor consultation as per Family Doctor Model and purchase of pharmaceuticals in specific pharmacies (Sun Store) - not applicable in all the cantons.

With regard to the family doctor or PharMed, the difference with the standard model is that for medical care you should always consult first your family doctor or medical staff of the health center HMO (except in an emergency)

Complementary insurance

Details supplementary insurances